The Board of (Non-Executive) Directors are experienced chartered physiotherapists and advanced AACP members with vast acupuncture knowledge. Non-clinical directors are sought from outside sources whom possess the relevany skills and experience required to support our fellow board members. Directors receive an emolument of £300 per Board Meeting in recognition of the time taken from their everyday jobs.  

The Board is supported by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Accountant/Auditors (Azets, Peterborough). The accountant and auditor are paid for work done at current commercial rates.

A governance policy ensures that board members are bound by a Code of Conduct that specifically requires them to declare if they have a personal interest in any matter under discussion by the board. Directors are excluded from voting on any issue in which they may have a personal interest. Current members of the board of directors and other officers:

Jon Hobbs - Chair

Lesley Pattenden - Vice Chair

Paul Battersby - Director and CEO

Dawn Aiken - Director

Chris Collier - Director

Michelle Kinney - Director

Diana Lacraru - Director

Suzanne Nitta - Director