The Training Committee (TC) Terms of Reference summarise the remit and role of the Education, Training and Research Committee.

On behalf of the AACP Board, the TC is responsible for:

  • Developing, operating and monitoring an appropriate accreditation, approval and evaluation process for the education and training of AACP members, which includes:
  • Managing the process of accreditation and the triennial re-accreditation of tutors/teaching institutions seeking to teach for the AACP and/or the AACP accredited courses.
  • Managing the accreditation of Foundation Courses, CPD and advanced acupuncture courses.
  • Developing and monitoring an appropriate program of training for AACP members.

The TC current (January 2023) committee members are:

Sue Kettle


Paul Battersby

AACP Board representative & Clinical Advisor

Paul Battersby


Mike Chapman

AACP Tutor representative

Michelle Kinney 

AACP Board representative

Chris Collier

AACP Board representative

Sarah Brand

Membership & Training Co-ordinator

Sally Battersby

Social Media, Marketing and Journal Editor