AACP Foundation Course

Event Date(s):
     22nd September 2018 - 23rd September 2018
     6th October 2018 - 7th October 2018
     17th November 2018 - 18th November 2018

Tutor(s): Caroline McGuire

Price: £495

Location: NHS Borders, Physiotherapy Department, Borders General Hospital, Melrose, TD6 9BS

Closing Date: 17th September 2018 -- You will be unable to book after this date!

AACP Foundation Acupuncture Course

This course is divided equally between direct contact time and self-directed learning. It is designed to offer participants a level of knowledge, skill and understanding that will allow them to practice acupuncture in a safe and appropriate manner, in a clinical setting.

The course provides a Western medical approach to acupuncture - grounded in current research evidence rather than in traditional Chinese philosophical thinking. This course does not cover the traditional Chinese medical approach to acupuncture, except where Western scientific theory and evidence can be used to explain concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (e.g. fascial planes and meridians).

Participants will be encouraged to critically evaluate their own clinical practice and where appropriate, challenge the current evidence base. This course is designed to provide participants with a rationale for using acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment for the management of common musculoskeletal pain conditions. Topics covered include the laboratory and radiological research which is used to explain the mechanism of acupuncture analgesia; current evidence from acupuncture clinical trials research; and the non-specific "placebo" effects associated with acupuncture analgesia. In addition to needling classical acupuncture points, participants will be introduced to the concept of myofascial trigger points, and the use of acupuncture needling for pain associated with myofascial trigger points.

Students must:


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'A very enjoyable course, really well mediated by Caroline. As much fun as enjoyable.'


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