AACP Accredited Acupuncture Foundation Course

By Dr Chris Norris

Event Date(s):
     29th March 2019 - 31st March 2019
     3rd May 2019 - 5th May 2019

Tutor(s): Chris Norris

Price: £620

Location: Bodyright Physiotherapy Clinic, 18 Berkeley Street, Phibsborom, Dublin 7

Closing Date: 29th March 2019 -- You will be unable to book after this date!

This course covers the anatomy of acupuncture (points and channels).Evidence based acupuncture practice. Equips practitioners to use acupuncture as part of their day to day clinical management. Course examined by continous practical assessment, a multichoice paper, and a case history submission.

Open to UK Chartered Physiotherapists or Physiotherapists practising overseas with equivalent qualification.

To book please email: or call 01-8300100

Course Cost - €750.00 (£620.00)