Acupuncture - Clinical Reasoning & Case Studies

Science vs. Art

Event Date(s): 6th April 2019

Tutor(s): Liz Tough

Price: £99 - £125

Location: St Georges Hospital, Physiotherapy Department, Ground Floor, St James Wing, Blackshaw Road, Tooting, SW17 0QT

Closing Date: 1st April 2019 -- You will be unable to book after this date!

Ideal Foundation Course follow-up. Revising and refining knowledge and introducing basic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and treatment.
Aims and Objectives.
Fulfil the participant’s wants from the course (question asked on the application form – “what one thing would you like to gain from the day?”).
Learning outcomes
- Revise neurophysiological concepts underpinning acupuncture analgesia
- Discuss how there concepts inform treatment ‘dose’
- Discuss factors that could influence response to treatment
- Combine clinical trial evidence and neurophysiological theory to inform practice.
- Introduce concepts of basic TCM diagnosis related to MSK pain conditions
- Discuss how these concepts can inform clinical reasoning and point selection
- Demonstrate an understand of the application of Western and TCM medicine through case scenario discussion
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£125.00 - Non-AACP Members
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