AACP Accredited Acupuncture Foundation Course

Event Date(s):
     26th September 2019 - 28th September 2019
     21st November 2019 - 23rd November 2019

Tutor(s): Stephanie Griffiths

Price: £512 - £640

Location: London Road Community Hospital, Derby

Closing Date: 26th September 2019 -- You will be unable to book after this date!

The course is designed to introduce acupuncture as a modality for the treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions, both acute and chronic.  The course provides a Western medical approach to acupuncture, and is underpinned with current research evidence. This course does not cover the traditional Chinese medical approach to acupuncture, though the principles and philosophies underlying Traditional Chinese Medicine will be introduced.

The course will include all the key areas necessary to enable the physiotherapist to practice acupuncture including review of safe practice, treatment planning for optimum effect, review of relevant anatomy, application of relevant pain physiology, critique and application of acupuncture evidence and the development of safe and effective needling skills.  The course will introduce the current scientific theories underpinning acupuncture and the parameters of treatment.
On completion of the course the delegate should be able to:
- Demonstrate safe and effective needling techniques
- Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the precautions, contra-indications and side effects of acupuncture
- Discuss and evaluate the current theories and scientific evidence which underpins acupuncture and dry needling/trigger point needling
- Critically evaluate and challenge the research underpinning the effectiveness of acupuncture and dry needling
- Discuss the meridian pathways, demonstrate the location of points along the pathways and the importance of local anatomical considerations
- Formulate and critically evaluate treatment plans for a range of musculoskeletal conditions
- Know when the integration of acupuncture with or without other physiotherapeutic techniques is appropriate and be able to convey this information to other health professionals and patients clearly and concisely
- Demonstrate an understanding of the professional issues which pertain to acupuncture and individual scope of practice
The course is divided between self-directed learning and direct contact. There is a high practical component with acupuncture being practised on each other. Delegates must complete a health questionnaire before they enrol on the course.
Delegates must:
- have HCPC physiotherapy registration
- have CSP membership
- be able to practice acupuncture in a clinical setting between the course parts
- give the tutor informed consent to receive repetitive needling (see the CSP guidance on repeated needling for those trying to become, or those already pregnant)
- be able to treat three separate patients in a safe and legal environment for their case studies
- attend all 6 days of the course
CPD Certificate of Attendance awarded: 39 hrs
Fee: £512 for AACP members and £640 for non-members (Including light lunch and refreshments)
Limited funded places may be available for AHP’s & Nurses working for the NHS within the East Midlands




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