Can I pay the balance of the course in instalments?

We do not currently offer this option, however, we do offer a deposit option on foundation courses.


I am pregnant, can I still attend this training?

Yes, you can attend any of our courses whilst pregnant at your own discretion, however we advise against being needled. If you are unsure, please contact your physician/care giver. 


What should I wear for the course?

We advice comfortable, loose clothing . We would recommend bringing shorts and a short-sleeved top for the practical elements of the course.


I do not work in a clinical setting so do not have access to MSK patients, can I still attend?

Yes. We understand you may not already have access to a patient list, in this case a suitable other person can be included to enable you to complete your assessments/case studies.


I work in private practice and do not have a licence; can I still attend?

Yes, you may complete the course before registering for a clinic licence.


Am I insured to practice during the course?

Yes, if you are a CSP member, you are insured for the duration of the course. We would still recommend that you check your individual status prior to the commencement of the course. 


What happens if I fail the written assignment?

You will be given two additional opportunities to successfully complete the written assignment.


What happens if I fail the practical assignments?

This would lead to unsuccessful completion of the course, however in the unlikely event this happens we would offer support of your options. 


I am unable to attend all 6 days; can I attend part of one course and parts on another foundation course?

Unfortunately, due to the nature and structure of the course this is not possible.


I have a disability, what adjustments can you make to assist me?

We aim to support and enable all individuals to complete courses undertaken with us. We do not discriminate on grounds such as gender, ethnic origin, creed, disability or age. We welcome all individuals and will endeavour to provide the required support where indicated.  


I am HIV / HEP B positive, can I still attend?

Yes, you may still attend the course and any necessary precautions to ensure your safety and that of fellow delagates will be implemented and maintained at all times. 


I am not CSP or HCPC registered, can I still attend?

Yes, you may still attend all AACP courses.


I am not a physiotherapist; can I still attend and join the AACP?

Yes, you can still attend providing you hold sufficient insurance to practice acpuncture.


Is there any pre-course reading on the Foundation Course?

Yes, upon securing your place on a course, a list of pre-course reading material will be available in the members area of the website. 


How can I access AACP research materials and case studies?

There is a wealth of research/case studies via the members area of the website. Visit Documents >> Research and Case Studies


I have already completed a foundation course; how do I join the AACP?

12 months'  AACP membership is incorporated in to Foundation Course fees.

If your membership has lapsed, complete the rejoin form in the membership section or email 


I would like to host a course; how do I do this?

If you would like to host an AACP course in your Hospital, Clinic or Practice, please contact a member of our team to discuss further

We can also host course for you at our head office in Peterborough where we have excellent training room facilities. 


How can I renew my membership?

You can renew via the members area of the website using your username and password. We also accept payment via the telephone, direct debit or BACS.


Why have I not received my certificate?

We no longer provide paper copies of certificates. These can now be download this via the members area of the website.


Can I have a receipt for past membership payments?

Yes, you can download your receipts via the members area.


How can I change my address?

You may update personal details such as a change of address within the ‘Personal Details’ section of your Dashboard via the members area.


What constitutes CPD and how do I record it?

Continuous professional development refers to the process of maintainig training and developing existing, professional knowledge and skills through independent, participation-based or interactive learning. You can record it in a portfolio or online in your members area. 


Why have I been selected for auditing?

Each year 5% of active  AACP members are selected at random for auditing purposes.


Can I pay my membership by Direct Debit?

Yes, please email for a direct debit mandate.


Can I change my direct debit mandate online?

No, you can't change your direct debit instruction online, please email for a new mandate.