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NICE's disregard of the importance of patient outcome

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Not unexpectedly, but yet unbelievably NICE has confirmed the new 2016 Guidelines for Low Back Pain as not to include acupuncture.

In spite of numerous pieces of documented research in support of acupuncture for LBP, many recent contacts with NICE by acupuncture organisations including the AACP, and the fact that thousands of patients every year experience great benefit from acupuncture for low back pain, the existing 2009 Guidelines have been amended, against acupuncture.

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The AACP of course will continue to safely recommend acupuncture as an effective and low cost treatment for persistent, non-specific low back pain as per the earlier 2009 NICE Guidelines.

This video of the organisation 'Acupuncture Now' will help you to explain the situation to colleagues and other interested parties.