The ETRC Terms of Reference summarise the remit and role of the Education, Training and Research Committee.


On behalf of the AACP Board, the ETRC is responsible for:

Developing, operating and monitoring an appropriate accreditation, approval and evaluation process for the education and training of AACP members, which includes:


Managing the process of accreditation and the triennial re-accreditation of tutors/teaching institutions seeking to teach for the AACP and/or the AACP accredited courses, including the annual peer-review of existing tutors

Managing the accreditation of Foundation Courses and advanced acupuncture courses/modules for physiotherapists

Managing the process of CPD course approval

Developing and monitoring an appropriate spectrum of education, training and CPD for AACP members and evaluate this on an annual basis

Promoting both an educational framework and up to date accreditation requirements to support members’ training in a rapidly developing statutory healthcare context

Promoting a developmental and collaborative ethic of education, training and research within the AACP, ETRC, among tutors/teaching institutions and externally with other bodies, using the AACP website and articles in AACP (e-)newsletters.

Developing, operating and monitoring an appropriate clinical research and audit programme for AACP members, which includes:


1. Developing and communicating an AACP research strategy that serves to increase awareness and to support the acceptance of acupuncture physiotherapy with:

  • The Public
  • Government Arm’s Length Bodies, such as NICE in England and equivalents elsewhere,
  • Commissioning Bodies of Treatments, such as Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Other Healthcare Professionals and Members


2. Promoting and Monitoring the AACP Clinical Audit Tool


3. Recruitment (using the AACP website and articles in AACP (e-)newsletters) and identification of suitable research projects for recommendation to the AACP Board for the allocation and management of  funds.

Membership Composition

The ETRC current (November 2018) committee members are:
Catherine Haines                    
Research Advisor
Paul Battersby
AACP Board representative & Clinical Advisor
Ian Templeton
Claire Buckingham
Education and Training Coordinator
Mary Sanders
Lay member
Mike Chapman
AACP tutor representative