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AACP Acupuncture Foundation Course

Membership of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) is open to UK Chartered Physiotherapists with 300 hours of acupuncture training. Membership of AACP is also open to physiotherapists practising overseas who have a qualification equivalent to that of Chartered Physiotherapist and who have undergone the required training.

Learn everything about the AACP Acupuncture Foundation Course and achieving membership via this link.

The 300 hour AACP (accredited) Foundation Course is the usual route for Physiotherapists to gain membership to the AACP. It includes 6 days of contact teaching and is usually taught in several modules over a period of about six to eight weeks.
Delegates are given course work to do between the course parts, including the preparation of case studies and it is essential that delegates are able to practise acupuncture within a clinical setting between the course parts, or they will not be able to complete the case studies and will not pass the course.

Delegates on these courses must be a member of both the CSP and HCPC. One year of AACP membership is included in the course fee of an AACP (accredited) Foundtion Course.

Other Acupuncture training, past Foundation Training, admissions and membership

If you didn't follow an AACP (accredited) Acupuncture Foundation Course, but studied acupuncture somewhere else, or you completed your AACP Course in the past, please get in touch with the AACP. You may be able to join us via a simple Admissions Process or Bridging Course, depending on your history.
Find details of all ways to access membership here.

If you have successfully completed a NON-AACP accredited acupuncture foundation course or a University acupuncture course in the recent past, then an Admission Process is the easiest route to membership of the AACP; during an Admissions Process your acupuncture skills will be assessed by one of our Tutors; this process will take up to two hours during which your theoretical knowledge and practical skills will be assessed. The process costs £95 and includes one year’s full membership of the AACP.

But this is only one of the many routes to AACP membership. Find details of all ways to access membership here. 
Our membership department will be able to help you. or 01733 390007 #1

Subscriptions and joining fees

Members of the Association pay an annual subscription fee.

For Trainees, who have subscribed to one of the AACP (accredited) Acupuncture Foundation Courses, the first year’s subscription is included in the course fee.
You may need to pay an additional joining fee, if you want to re-join the AACP after a certain period after your membership has lapsed.


The AACP subscription is payable annually and may be paid by direct debit or card. In most cases, this subscription should be allowable against income tax; for details, please see the HMRC website.





Non-practising / Retired









Application process

Any forms you need can be found above under the tab 'Documents'. If you need any assistance with applying, or changing your membership to a different category, please contact our membership department on 01733 390007 #1, or email them on

There are a few categories of AACP Membership:

  • Accredited Members
  • Advanced Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Trainee Members
  • International Members
  • Retired/Non-Practising Members

Physiotherapists undertaking AACP-approved Foundation Courses will automatically join as Trainee Members, included in their course fee. Trainee membership will give access to the website for research purposes and a range of other benefits. On successful completion of their Foundation Course their membership will be converted to Accredited status.

Physiotherapists joining AACP after approved training are normally allocated Accredited status. This is full membership and is awarded to those applicants who have satisfied the AACP training requirements in full. Annual renewal is granted to those members who maintain 10 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) every 2 years of membership.

To become an Advanced Member, Accredited Members are required to undertake 200 hours of further training over and above any CPD. Advanced Members are also required to maintain 10 hours CPD every 2 years after gaining Advanced status.

Honorary Membership is offered to those who, in the opinion of the AACP Board, have made an outstanding contribution in support of acupuncture within physiotherapy. Honorary Members do not pay a subscription to AACP, but do have a vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Non-Practising membership is a temporary category designed to allow physiotherapists who are unable to practise for a period of time to retain their membership, but at a reduced rate of subscription. Non-Practising membership may only be held for a maximum of 12 months, after which full membership must be renewed.

Retired membership is offered to those physiotherapists who have retired completely from the profession, but who wish to maintain their contact with AACP.

Trainee, Non-Practising and Retired members have full access to the AACP website, and receive member discounts on publications, courses and conferences, but they may not vote at the AACP AGM. 

All applicants for membership of AACP must be current members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

All membership of AACP is at the discretion of the Board, who reserve the right to decline membership applications or renewals if they have due cause.