Directors and Officers

The Board of (Non-Executive) Directors with acupuncture physiotherapy experience are drawn from within the membership of AACP and those with other experience from outside. Directors receive an emolument of £250 per Board Meeting in recognition of the time taken from their normal jobs.
The Board is supported by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), an Accountant, an Auditor (Rawlinsons, Peterborough) and a Company Secretary. The Accountant, Auditor and Company Secretary are paid for work done at standard commercial rates.

Governance ensures that AACP Board Members are bound by a Code of Conduct that specifically requires them to declare if they have a personal interest in any matter under discussion by the Board. Directors are excluded from voting on any issue in which they may have a personal interest.

Members of the Board of Directors and other officers are the following:

Chairman Jon Hobbs
Vice Chairman Lesley Pattenden
Board Member Diana Lacraru
Board Member Paul Battersby
Board Member George Chia
Board Member Christopher Hall
Board Member Wendy Rarity
Chief Executive Officer Caspar van Dongen
 01733 390007
Company Secretary Michael Tolond
Admin/Office support Lisa Stephenson
PR & Marketing Officer

Jennifer Clarkson
 01733 390007 #2

Clinical Advisor Now Recruiting
 01733 390007 #4