Course Organisation

Hosting a Foundation Course

AACP is keen for its members to have access to good quality courses; Foundation Courses, but also training courses where delegates can learn new skills on which they are assessed by the tutor. Such courses may be aggregated to advanced Membership of AACP.

There are many courses advertised on this website, but if anyone would like to host a Foundation Course at their hospital or clinic, an AACP approved tutor can come and teach. The AACP can organise the whole course for you. Please contact  for further details.

In either case, you will require a venue with the following facilities:

Advertising Courses on the AACP Website

If you would like to promote your course on the AACP website, please complete an application form that a.o. will include a brief outline of the course with learning outcomes etc. After approval by the AACP, we will be able to promote your course online and give it the ‘AACP approved’ stamp.
The form is available from our Course Administrator at

To appear on this website, all courses must offer a discount to AACP members.