Membership FAQ's

Some frequently asked general questions by members and non-members alike:

(The Clinical FAQ section is available in the AACP members' area)

Do I need to register for VAT if I practise acupuncture?

Ordinarily, physiotherapists do not need to register for Value Added Tax (VAT), but those who practise acupuncture may need to do so if they are treating conditions that are not regarded as being within the accepted scope of physiotherapy practice. Please also bear in mind that your insurance provided by the CSP may not cover you if you are working outside the accepted scope of physiotherapy practice.

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Do I need a licence to practise acupuncture?

If you practise in England or Wales (apart from the London Boroughs), you need a licence from your local authority to do so, unless that local authority has granted an exemption. Please click here for more information.

Must I be a member of the CSP?

The AACP is one of the professional networks of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP); all members of the AACP must therefore also be a member of the CSP.

Can I put letters after my name?

AACP members can use the letters MAACP after their name.

Does the AACP recognise trigger point courses?

Trigger point needling for myofascial pain is taught as part of the AACP Approved Foundation Acupuncture Course and is deemed to be within the scope of practice of those successfully completing this course.

Do courses in dry needling allow membership of AACP?

No. Dry needling is only a small part of the syllabus that makes up the AACP Foundation Acupuncture Course. A dry needling course will not meet the requirements of statutory regulation of acupuncture in this country when it comes in to force.

Can I claim tax relief on my AACP subscription?

In most cases, this subscription should be allowable against income tax; for details, please see the HMRC website.