AACP Bridging Course

Are you looking to rejoin?  Have you been out of practice for some time?

The AACP-accredited acupuncture Bridging Course provides a “refresher” for those who have undergone previous acupuncture training. Its primary aim is to develop a candidate’s knowledge and practical application of the minimum standards obtained on the AACP accredited acupuncture course. The course has been developed for:

▪ Lapsed AACP members

▪ Physiotherapists required to update existing acupuncture training

▪ Graduates who have taken an acupuncture option module at university and are able to practice needling with clinical supervision

Existing AACP members who did their initial training some time ago and require an update. The course will revisit theoretical and practical principles of acupuncture and its efficacy as an adjunct to physiotherapy.

The course involves attending the first 2 weekends of a Foundation Course at a cost of £435 which includes 12 months AACP membership.

It is not possible to book this course online - To book email sec@aacp.uk.com