Rehab My Patient

Rehab My Patient, established in 2011, is one of the leading providers of exercise prescription software’s in the UK. Loved by hundreds of physiotherapy clinics, and thousands of physio’s who use the site, RMP is a super-smart, responsive, intuitive and quick exercise prescription tool. Prescribe exercise plans in just one minute. You can also make templates, add your own exercises, add your own clinic logo, add your own advice sheets, and check and track your patients adherence.

Beautiful exercise pictures, hundreds of advice sheets, evidence-based exercises. AACP members get a special discount. Special discount for AACP members, more information in the 'My Discounts' page.

Balance Healthcare Limited supply high-quality acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine products. Balance partners with recognised experts to create high-quality products that combine ancient traditions and modern thinking, and bring you the most suitable formula for the modern world. We know that you need consistent quality you can trust with both herbal and acupuncture products, and buying quality will help you to establish an excellent reputation with your patients.

Oxford Medical Supplies Ltd is a major supplier of acupuncture needles in the UK. We have an unrivalled reputation for courtesy, efficiency and friendliness. We supply seven different brands of acupuncture needle to suit every taste, be it for quality and/or economy. Uniquely among UK suppliers, we own our own needle manufacturing factory, thus enabling us to maintain rigid and high-quality control of our needles. We currently deal with many physiotherapists both in private practice or in the state sector.

Journal of Chinese Medicine

The Journal of Chinese Medicine was established in 1979 by Peter Deadman and has been published continuously since then.The very best traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and related professional textbooks, herbs, acupuncture supplies and specialist teas are available for sale on our website.

Physio Equipment UK

PHYSIOPOD are the exclusive providers of DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic therapy in the UK and Ireland and a range of high-quality medical devices from Physiomed®.