Statement - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

AACP Statement on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 25 March 2020, 09:30

Dear AACP Members

We are deeply saddened that at a time when positive touch has never been more needed by those in our local community, we are faced with an unprecedented situation where social distancing has become an imperative to protect the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our patients. 

From the outset, our advice to members has been to adhere to best practice and follow government and CSP guidelines, which continue to evolve daily. Following the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday - in which insisted isolation we are urging you to suspend any treatments that involve face-to-face contact with clients.  

We know that many of you took the initiative to stop practising before we updated our statement on 20 March, and we are truly grateful to you for making this difficult but socially responsible decision. For those of you who are still practising or reading this information for the first time, we once again would urge you to suspend any treatments that involve seeing a patient in person. 

As your professional association, we fully appreciate the implications this will have on both your patients and your therapy practice, but we have now reached a time where everyone needs to take the next vital step to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, which is already having a huge impact on the NHS and our health professionals (to listen to a live radio interview conducted on 20 March with an intensive care consultant, click here). 

We also know from the overwhelming number of phone calls, emails and comments on social media we have received since Friday, that you have lots of questions you would like answered. Some of these answers we can provide today - others may take a little longer, while we work with relevant partners, industry stakeholders and authorities to ensure you get the best advice possible (bearing in mind that these organisations are also under pressure at this time).  

In order to get information to our members as efficiently and effectively as possible, we have reviewed all of your recent communications to us and will try to cover your key concerns in this statement, rather than respond to these individually. Please revisit this webpage regularly, as we will update it as and when new information and guidance becomes available.