Shoot the Defence Podcast: Special Guest Jonathan Hobbs

There is still time if you haven’t already to download the latest episode of UEFA Accredited football podcast; Shoot the Defence. This episode, Ben Dinnery, Johnny Wilson and Stel are joined by AACP Chairman Jonathan Hobbs.

Jonathan talks about his experiences as a consultant to physiotherapists in Team GB, the FA and a number of Premiership Football and Rugby Clubs.

Hosted by

Stelios Giannakopoulos - @UncleStel

Ben Dinnery - @BenDinnery

Johnny Wilson - @johnny_wilson5


Listen here



Ian Gatt - Head of Performance Services & Lead Physio GB Boxing:
“Some good messages mixed with banter from my esteemed colleagues Johnny Wilson

& Jonathan Hobbs from AACP. Main thing is ‘Pick your patients - Not a blanket treatment for all’. I can support this message, especially in a sport like Boxing.”


Warning: this podcast contains occasional strong language.